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MOnthly market reports

Review of Market on December And Januuary 2015-16

The total Index this month has an increasing trend after a long time and reached from 414616 to 444,46 units. And increase about 83.8 percent. The total value of the stock market in the month reached from 64,4 thousand billion to 688. billion Riyals and OTC market value reached from 6,8 thousand to 696 thousand billion Riyals. After about six months of decline and stagnation in the market, up to the time of lift the sanctions, we witnessed the arrival of liquidity to the market and market growth, which coincided with the political crisis between Iran and Saudi Arabia specially the attack on the Saudi Embassy in Iran and Saudi Arabia and some of Arabic countries cut their political relation with Iran. Considering the bitter experience of the market after the Lausanne agreement on March and a final agreement on July after the market, but with liquidity injection to the market and a sharp increase in demand and its continuation after sanction cancelation, there were hope to stop the declining on the market. Another important issue affecting the market was petrochemical feed rate formulas. Despite the ambiguities in the formula, it was a positive step for the petrochemical industry and the overall market. News related to the lifting of sanctions Swift and contracts with foreign automakers have a significant impact on the growth of these two leader markets, and ultimately the overall market.

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Review of Market on November And December 2015

The overall index had 2.2 percent decreasing trend and reached from 329,26 to 319,16.in the most days of the month, we observe a smoothly trend on overall index but in the late days of the month and despite of military dimensions on Iran nuclear document removal as (PMD), the market had negative reaction and the overall index goes to downward trend. The low volume of transactions and market non reaction to the positive news were the important issues of the month. There were A negative trend on pioneer industries such as Banks and automotive. Refineries according to the oil price sever depreciation and petrochemicals still waiting for the raw material prices. Military dimensions on Iran nuclear document removal as (PMD) and enhancement of sanctions removal on December, raise on US interest rate, oil and commodities price decrease in global markets, decrease on some banks reserve, government authorization to raise 3 percent of dairies products, uncertainty on raw material price and the speech of ministry of oil due to non decrease on raw material price were the news which affects on the stock market.

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Review of Market on October And November 2015

Decreasing trend of overall index had a low fluctuation in this month and with 0.2 percent growth reached from 62.792 to 62.889. The stock market value remained 2.716 Billion Rials. Recession and low transaction volume was the main feature of the market in this month. Small industries had a lucky trend in this month e.g. food products, sugar, transportation and non metallic minerals. The banks and auto industries had a smooth and negative trend in this month. Announcement of 250 million Rials loan for buying domestic automobiles and attending the vast people to gain this loan, continued uncertainty about the raw material rate for petrochemicals , non reduced on banking profits rate and postponement to the next month, probability on US interest rate in Federal Reserve conference, strengthening of the US dollar and decreasing trend on global oil and basic metals prices specially on copper and zinc was the main factor which affects on the market in this month.

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Review of Market on September and October

The declining trend of total index has been stopped with 2.4 % growth from 61,685 to 63,175.The major growth in the last second weeks of the month caused by accepting nuclear agreement on the Iran congress and editing on recession policies by the government. Nuclear agreement on parliament and subsequently define the conditions by Iran leader, lifting sanctions on Iran by US and Europe Union , the recession deal by the government which caused to decrease in bank profits and decrease in reserve requirement rates. With 100 million loan allocated to mass housing, announced a loan of 25 million for cars, news of the notification rate of less than 13 cents for petrochemical plants, an increase of 9 percent relative increase in the price of sugar and commodities prices in global markets, including positive news affecting the market this month.However, the heavy shadow of half-year reports and more importantly low volume of transactions in the market led to prevent in further growth in the index on this month.

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Review of Market on August and September

In this month index continued its downward trend falling with 5.4 percent. The total index reached to 61,576 units from 64,881. There is about 13% declining trend since the nuclear agreement on July. According to current circumstances, the downward trend is a normal issue.The government's anti-inflation policies and the recession resulting in the economy and consequently severe shortage of liquidity in the capital market, bank profits and profit on fixed income securities on the market, downtrend in oil prices and basic metals, ambiguity rate on iron ore feedstock and uncertain situation, the steel and refining are the most reasons for the drop in the overall index on this month.Announcing 13 cent for the petrochemical raw material and petrochemical disagreement for this price, the news about foreign auto manufacturer like Renault cooperating with domestic companies e.g. Pars Khodro and Iran Khodro in particular way, the news of the price of steel and iron ore pellets and wandering by steel and mining companies, the resumption of IPOs after a few months with the former method and relative growth on commodities price on world markets are significant market news this month.

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