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Energy Exchange

Initiation with Iran energy exchange
Iran has one of the largest energy resources specially hydrocarbon resources. Therefore, Iran Energy Exchange was established on March 2013. Various energy based products and commodities are listed and traded in Iran Energy Exchange. Half of Iran’s electricity consumption has been agreed to be traded at Iran energy exchange up to March 2015. Actors in the energy exchanges electrical trades include energy-stock Company, the Securities and Exchange Organization, Management Company, Central Depository Company, brokerage firms, companies, network management, Tavanir Company, electricity consumers and electricity suppliers.

Iran energy exchange clients
many products have been supply in energy exchange. You can see the products list and customers in Iran energy exchange web site:

Market dividend: energy stock exchange has 3 main sections such as Physical market, derivatives and subsidiaries. The physical market contains 3 tables: electricity, oil & gas, and other energy.
And the derivatives market contains: parallel forward contract, future contract and transaction authority .

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