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Iran,Land of opportunities

With 1.65 million sq. km in surface, Iran is the 18th largest country in the world, and was the 2nd great economy in the MENA in 2013 in term of GDP after Saudi Arabia, and in term of population (77 million) after Egypt. Iran has the second and the fourth biggest natural gas and oil resources respectively, and holds 1st, 12th and 13th largest mineral resources of zinc, manganese and steel, as well as 2nd, 11th and 12th reservoirs of copper,lead and iron in the world. Iran is a prominent country regarding agricultural products and remarkably supplies pistachio, saffron, date and caviar with renowned standards, and is also the 8th to 10th global producer of fruits.Moreover, the country is among the 7 top outperformers of nanotechnology field. The economic figures indicate that during the past decades Iran’s per capita GDP has improved significantly, and the indicators of life standards including poverty control and revenue equality, as well as human development indicators have developed. The progress is to some extent indebted to investment, improvement of employment to population ratio and productivity since 1990s, as well as international trade volume since early 2000s.

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