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How To invest in iran capital market?

The inception of the Iranian capital market dates back to 1966, which is considered as one of the oldest markets in the region. The market witnessed ups and downs during its long history, but never stopped, and was ever going onward. The recent era of the activity has begun in 1990 when coincided with the boom in Iranian economy. 

Iran Capital Market has entered into the new phase by introducing a new Capital Market Law which has resulted in separation of the supervisory and regulatory duties from the operational body, hence, establishing the Securities and Exchange Organization. This Law is compatible to international rules and regulations

Client Identification

There are three methods for client identifications

A-In case of foreign person inside Iran:
A-1- Directly attend to brokerage office and fill out the identification forms.

B-In case of foreign person outside Iran:
   B-1-Refer to Islamic Republic of Iran Embassy or Consulate
   B-2- Refer to Iran's Bank branches or brokerage branch and fill out the relative forms

***Identification procedure take 15-30 days

Opening account  forms

Download Application form for legal person

Download Application form for Natural person

Opening account and deposit

A-In case of foreign person inside Iran
A-1-Directly attend to the bank and open an account

B- In case of foreign person outside of Iran
 refer to Saman bank website and fill out the forms in order to open account and link to brokerage account. This process might be in parallel of  filling out the

registration forms

C-Terms of deposit:
Once sanctions lifted and facilities on money transfer via SWIFT, which is hopefully possible process but in current circumstances this process will be done under the license of currency exchange.

Money transfer via currency exchange

 In this method the investor send the amount of money to the reliable exchange broker office in another country and once the exchange brokerage receive the amount, will transfer to client account in Iran.

***This process may takes bout 2 weeks


If you need more information you can ask our Experts by:
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